Chetana has four units in and around Thrissur town. Chetana Media Institute (Palace Road) is the branch of Chetana that teaches film and television, undertakes Film/TV production and post-production, and stands for meaningful media interaction in the society at large. The other three units of Chetana are: Chetana Sound Studios (Chiyaram), Chetana Music Academy (Naikkanal) and Chetana Sangeet Natak Academy (Mylippadam).
No, Chetana Sound Studios (at Chiyyaram, 3miles away from Thrissur town), which is our sister concern does. It is a One-year Full time Diploma course. Call +91- 99387104095 for more details.
PG Diploma and Diploma courses are Full time (One year) courses, where as Certificate Courses are Part Time (assigned time slot every day/at weekends). We offer two PG Diploma/Diploma programme: in `Filmmaking’ (Direction and Cinematography specializations) and in `Television News & TV Production’ (Broadcast Media). Our Certificate Courses are: `Non-Linear Editing: Basic (2months) & Advanced’ (3months), `Photography’ (2 months, only weekend), `Videography’ (as tutorial programme), and `Basic Filmmaking for Students’ (3months, weekend only, for Plus I-II and College students only).
For PG Diploma (affiliated to SOD, Calicut University), one should have a Bachelor degree in any discipline and should meet all other requirements (attendance, examinations etc) prescribed by the University. For Diploma courses (awarded by Chetana), we admit those with Plus II/Bachelors degree.
Purchase the Prospectus and Application Form from Chetana office (0487-2330830). All applicants will be called for `Admission Open House’ that consists of an Aptitude Test, Interaction with Management and Formal Interview wit the Board of Faculty.
Certificate and Diploma courses are designed by Chetana and are not affiliated to any universities, where as the PG Diploma courses in `Filmmaking’ and `Television News and TV Production’ come under the School of Distance Education, University of Calicut. We will soon launch the 3-year degree course, `BA in Film & Television’ affiliated to SOD, Calicut.
Both Diploma Courses (Filmmaking and `Television News and TV Production’) are full time, Monday-Friday regular classes. These students will work on weekends too when there is a special Workshop or Students Film production project. For the Diploma (or PG Diploma) course in Television there are no specializations and all classes, practicals and productions will be done as group work/project. `Diploma in Filmmaking’ course has two specializations: Screenplay-Direction or Cinematography. These students for the first semester (4months) will learn all important departments of filmmaking , each student will `write, shoot and edit’ a short film, after which students will move on to their respective specializations.
We provide still cameras, digital video cameras (ref. ‘Facilities’ for details), sound recording equipment, editing and sound post-production equipment/studio. Students can also avail of Chetana Shooting Floors (Mini studio and Main Floor). The tuition fee for the Diploma courses covers the expenses for the technical facilities mentioned above.
For the PG Diploma courses one has to take the periodical examinations conducted by the University. For the Diploma and Certificate courses run by Chetana, there is examination in theory, practical and project work. The maximum weightage is given to film production/post-production exercises and projects.
We train our students for a life-long profession in Film/Television/New Media. We help our students to find assistantship/apprenticeship with senior professionals/production houses in the industry, but we do not guarantee `job placement’ like other institutions might do.
Chetana has been running `Film/Video Editing’ course since 2002; currently we have the 63rd batch. For the Basic Editing course (2months), we teach mainly the FCP (Final Cut Pro) software. But as our insistence is on `Editor as Filmmaker’ (and simply a `technician’), we provide more than teaching of a software. Our Editing course module include 6-7 hands-on editing exercises/projects, 3-4 theory classes/demos, a film-shooting group project, studio-tours and one week apprenticeship at our professional Edit suites.
Yes, we offer 3-months Advanced Certificate courses in `Film Editing’ and `Photography’ as well. In Advanced Editing, students get to learn and work on `FCP X’ and `Avid’ softwares and also get practical experience in Sound Editing in our professional Audio Suite. The Advanced Photography students get to specialize in different branches of photography and studio lighting at our Mini Shooting Floor.

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